Oh, did I forget you?
I am still about town...things have been a little crazy here of late. I have shifted abode a couple of times and taken up full-time studies as a Veterinary Nurse but music is still a huge part of the bigger picture. Still writing, still performing, still loving it. Just needed a bit of time to adjust to the new work/study schedule and that tends to gobble up creative time. Feeling more settled now and I am writing a few new tunes which I hope to record soon. I performed a couple of songs written by a friend of mine - Michael Hoffman - recently at the Family Hotel Showcase in Katoomba (must get those videos over to him!). He has some beautiful lyrics and does a damn good job on stage.
I am going to be playing a short set at Winter Magic this year. I will be with the In Lakesh crowd at the Uniting Church Hall in the main street. Come on in and have a listen to the varied music styles that will be on show. Lots of really talented local performers that you may have not even heard of before and of course, the entire street will be alive with music, food and interesting things to buy.
Here's a link to the site for more information:
Winter Magic
Katoomba NSW
Saturday 22nd June, 2013
Hope to see you there!

Click on this picture to take you to the Loose Acoustic website for more details.
Winter is upon us here in the Blue Mountains but we musicians continue to brave the elements, linking our fingers with the cold steel strings and testing our vocal chords in the icy air. I have been busy performing at In Lak'esh as part of the Winter Magic Festival and also won a place in the semi-final of the Voice of the Mountains competition, held at the Katoomba RSL last Sunday. I will keep you posted on how I go with that one.
In the coming months, Loose Acoustic is holding another music retreat called "MountainSong" (August 3rd-6th). I strongly advise anyone who wants to hone their music, singing, songwriting and/or rhythm skills to attend. The retreats are also a lovely way of gaining the support and confidence required to increase your performance possibilities and musical networks. There are leaflets scattered around Katoomba, Blackheath and Mount Victoria or you can click on the one shown. For more information go here:
  •     http://www.looseacoustic.com.au/Retreats/NewSouthWales.html
Me...I am hoping to go but I may be competing in the grand final of the RSL competition on August 5th so we will see. Got to go now...more soon!
fidelity xx

Well, Saturday proved to be yet another successful night at the Lak'esh playspace. I played the first set before the jackhammers started on the neighbouring construction site. Other performers weren't so lucky but it did add a certain percussive ambience to the night. Thanks to the audience for their supportive comments...always welcome.
Skye and Wayne entrancing the Lak'esh audience
Well, I didn't go to the festival but I did take a wander down the main street of Katoomba yesterday and got handed a pamphlet for a new music/creative arts venue - IN LAK'ESH (Mayan...translates roughly as "I am you - you are me"). This is a great little playspace, tucked in behind the Katoomba Vintage Emporium (the old post office building) on Katoomba Street. To get to the space, walk down one of the alleys to College Lane. There are open mic performances running all this weekend so do drop in and take a look. I played there last night and will more than likely be there again next weekend. There is still a lot of unfounded talent in the Blue Mountains - maybe you will see them performing at next year's festival!