Andy White, Richard Gilewitz and Susanna Carman performing at the Loose Acoustic Winterbreak 2012
I have just returned from the Loose Acoustic "Winterbreak 2012" music retreat, held in beautiful Mount Tamborine over the last 5 days. This event was organised and run by Steve Seaton and Angela Hryniuk who live in Brisbane. The retreat was not exactly what I had imagined...long meditative strolls through the gardens, massages, steaming cups of herbal tea, early nights. Far from it! This retreat was something very different...although it had the same rejuvenating effect on my soul. Four elite music industry professionals - Richard Gilewitz (guitar), Andy White (songwriting), Susanna Carman (singer/songwriter) and Yani Choirmistress (I don't know her real name -performance/vocal coach) - were on board to monitor our every musical move and guide us through conquering challenges we had not thought possible. Guitars, saxophones, trombones, flutes, pianos, eggs, harmonicas, emotions and vocal chords all received a hammering for five days straight. Some were tough enough to rise early and attend morning meditation with Angela, which replenished the energy levels when sleep was lacking. Food was a-plenty with three square meals a day and morning/afternoon tea. The next retreat is going to be called "Winterdiet 2012".  Seriously folks...there is going to be another one and it will be held HERE in the Blue Mountains early this August! I will post all the details this week so keep an eye out. Time for me to catch up on my sleep...ni ni.

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